Welcome to Radhey krishna Institute of Hotel Management, Mathura
Welcome to Radhey krishna Institute of Hotel Management, Mathura


RKIHM is one of the leading Hotel Management Institute situated at Mathura, the hub of education. We offer a wide range of world class academic programs for under graduates and postgraduates in Hospitality.

We have a fore front campus with well defined and well designed labs for all the four major departments to make the students aware about the Hospitality Industry along with a wide range of books from around the world. We have a team of professionals who have worked in the industry for more than ten years and have good international exposure. We facilitate each student with the modern facilities and amenities to make them feel comfortable while learning at our campus. The course structure and curriculum at RKIHM ensures overall development of every student.

Our reputation is based on excellent placements and abroad internships. RKIHM has strong links with many of the leading hospitality organizations in India and Abroad. We ensure the students to give them an excellent placement and excellent organization for their trainings .


Providing proactive support to students at an individual level so that they can identify their strengths and as well as the limitations, too, in regards of their dynamic self-development.

  •  Innovating a wide range of pedagogical techniques and integrate them in the course-curriculum.
  •  Fostering the teamwork and engendering the concept of 'Self-managing teams'.
  •  Organizing the short term intensive course, conferences and seminars in aspect of various recent technological developments.
  •  The faculty tends to promote the potential development among the students and enhance their career.
  •  Providing the consultancy and intrinsic training services to their concerned relevance.



To be a premier academic institution, recognized internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, internationalization, entrepreneurship and leadership.


To transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching.

  •  To develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia.
  •  To undertake impactful research addressing local, national and global challenges.
  •  To prepare graduates to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills.
  •  To develop global professionals and entrepreneurs with innovative spirit, tolerance and desire to make a difference to the society.

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Director's Message

Dear students, Every year tourism and related hospitality industries are continuously growing day by day. With the increase in both leisure and business travel, comes the need for additional hotels, various other types of accommodation establishments and restaurants.
Due to globalization, there has been an increase in the number as well as the variety of these establishments. Hotels come in many forms- the super-luxury to the internationally branded hotels, budget hotels and resorts.
And who will develop, launch and run theses businesses? Who will make sure that each customer receives the quality product and high level service that they have purchased? Why not you? The growth projected for world tourism anticipates not only the creation of millions of jobs but also an acute shortage of well-educated, trained and skilled professionals with the experience and “can-do” attitude to make things happen.
To train our students as Industry leaders, we have highly qualified professional faculty members and latest equipments and gadgets which keep them updated and confident at all times during the course of their studies at RKIHM. They are trained to be innovative and trend setters in the Industry.
RKIHM has a proud tradition of preparing students from all over the nation for these opportunities. Students from almost every state work together and learn from each other too, reverence for the best hospitality traditions, our passion for excellence and our devotion to develop the leadership skills of our students keeps us at the top for hotel and hospitality schools nation-wide.
Our passion for excellence also explains why so many of the national and international renowned placement companies are associated with us. We hope that the hospitality programmes, we offer are going to be of great interest and advantage for students of our Institute that will provide them with a life time career.

With sincere best wishes,
Jeetendra Singh
(Radhey Krishna Institute of Hotel Management )

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Welcome to Radhey krishna Institute of Hotel Management, Mathura

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